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I have just returned from a successful trip to Nuremberg, Germany where I visited the Kulturscheune Gallery who’s trustees have invited me to stage an exhibition themed on the twinning of Nuremberg and Glasgow which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2015.

The gallery is a renovated 15th century barn in the heart of the city, the last of its kind in Nuremberg.

We had a tour and ‘ measure-up’ of the gallery space where I met up with Dr. Lauterbach, a trustee who asked me to exhibit for the month of July 2015 – from the 3rd till the 31st.

The paintings will be mainly large format oils and acrylics with some watercolour and pencil sketches for a bit of contrast.

I hope to have a couple of finished paintings ready in time for Nurnberg City’s annual Burns Supper in January at the Grand Hotel who’s management has kindly agreed to display them there to advertise the exhibition. The famous Caulbums Ceilidh will be there of course, to supply the entertainment.

My grateful thanks go to Gillian and Christina of Glasgow and Nuremberg City Councils for their continued help and support and to Gebhardt Schönfelder for proposing my work to the gallery.